This question is still as fresh in my mind as it was in college. I can still hear my graphic design professor uttering this word with a smirk on her face, knowing it would both frustrate and inspire me. Every design decision has to have a reason she’d emphasize over and over. Successful design only works when it is purposeful and well thought out. In the two years I studied under her, I would encounter this question repeatedly and I had better have a solid answer to back up my work. All these years later, I still challenge myself in the same way she challenged me, striving to always create purposeful, functional design that works.

Following college I spent five years working as an in-house designer for an aftermarket automotive manufacturer. Being an in-house designer afforded me the luxury to work on anything and everything the company needed designed. This meant designing everything from brochures, calendars and direct mail, to product packaging, to website design and email marketing, to stickers and t-shirts and literally everything in between. In 2014 I was honored to redesign the logo and help rebrand the thirty-year-old company.

Early 2016, I opened Jessie Design LLC and began working as a freelance designer. Since venturing out on my own, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients all over the country. I have especially enjoyed working with small businesses and startups on logos, branding, and marketing material. Tapping into my more creative, typography loving side, I have really enjoyed working with individuals on event invitations, including weddings, baby showers, and save the dates.

When I’m not designing, I love spending time with my husband, daughter, and cocker spaniel, Penny. We can’t get enough of the great outdoors and are constantly exploring more of our home here in the greater Seattle area.